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ContactKai Kärkkäinen
DescriptionTeknoStePS2018 is a project for the development of know-how in manufacturing industry and the business serving it in the region Pohjois-Savo (Finland). The project is carried out by Savo Consortium for Education, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education. The administrator of the project is Savo Consortium for Education.

The primary target groups of the project comprise companies and personnel of manufacturing industry and the
business serving it in the province, the personnel and students of the vocational colleges and the University of Applied Sciences of the province as well as the students involved in the project. Students of the above educational institutesform the secondary target group.

Manufacturing industry has been in the grip of depression for several years but now there are expectations for a longer period of growth. To secure the growth, know-how of the personnel of the companies requires up-dating. An increasing need for skilled labour is noticeable. Thanks to several R&D&I projects there are research, development and education environments in Pohjois-Savo within which research and education can be fostered if the environments can be used effectively and rationally. Productivity can be improved significantly if traditional serial production can be replaced by effective and automated small-scale serial production.

Through correctly targeted trainings and collaboration among actors using R&D&I environments it will be possible to raise the productivity of the companies and to contribute to the growth of the field. The project TeknoStePS2018
includes activities to train more skilled labour, to provide companies with competitive edge when it comes to their
products and services as well as to raise the know-how level of educational organisations.

The objectives of TeknoStePS2018 are
1. to make use of new technology in the companies of the manufacturing industry and the business serving it in
Pohjois-Savo and within research and education
2. to increase and improve know-how in the companies and educational institutions of the field concerned
3. to use the resources of the educational organisations effectively
4. to enable new competitive edge and growth in cross-sectoral networks
5. to develop education
6. to strengthen attraction of the field

The project TeknoStePS2018 will create opportunities for companies to improve their competitiveness and to make
their business grow. As a result of the project cooperation between the companies and the educational institutions will improve. Also the cooperation between the educational institutions will become more versatile. In addition, the project will make it possible to educational institutions to raise their know-how to a level which will better meet the
requirements of the business life.
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