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Project Information
NameiFORMINE – innovative forest technology based water treatment and eco-efficient solutions for mining industry
ContactEero Antikainen
DescriptionThe aim of iFORMINE – innovative forest technology based water treatment and eco-efficient solutions for mining
industry – project is to develop new solutions for treatment and eco-efficiency of mine waters. The development
aiming at controlling efficient and safe water and material flows is done in collaboration with process experts of forest industry and mine experts.

Handling and controlling large flow volumes have been for a long time everyday technology in forest industry. The
know-how and technologies of these applying to mining industry offer a remarkable possibility in the Northern and
Eastern Finland. The requirements of mining industry relate to efficient treatment of production and waste waters.
Environment regulations of mine waters involve increasingly nitrogen and sulphate removal in addition to metals.

In the project new water treatment processes are developed and piloted for mining industry. The development work is applied to technologies developed in the Northern and Eastern Finland, such as mixing techniques and biological
treatment techniques of waste waters. These techniques are in use in forest industry, but so far they have not been
commonly applied in mining industry. In addition, the carbon dioxide recovery process patented by Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences enables to create new applications for mining industry. Methods developed in the project also generate possibilities for international business.

The project coordinator is Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and the partners of the project are Geological Survey of Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta University of Technology and Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The research partners have together know-how on mine processes, research of water and material chemistry, treatment of refinery sludge and carbon dioxide recovery. Several equipment suppliers and mining enterprises are involved in the project. The research partners of the project report in cooperation treatment of mine waters and their sludge and develop new innovations of water treatment processes in mining industry. New solutions based on circular economy are reported. Pilot-scale references of process solution for treatment of water and material flows in mining industry are achieved as an outcome of the project. The results of the water treatment solutions are reported. Measuring technology is also tested for water and material flows of mines. These measurements are applied to a.o.t. prospecting for ore and proactive monitoring of production and environmental impacts of mines. Based on this knowledge, enterprises of mining industry can cost- and eco-efficiently increase treatment of waste water and waste flows. The outcomes of the project improve cooperation and international competitiveness of research and development partners in the Northern and Eastern Finland. In addition, the results of the project increase possibilities for reduction of environmental impact in mining industry.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020