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NameKey Skill Management in Operating Room
ContactMarja Silen-Lipponen
DescriptionEurope Room nurses do not necessarily follow a specialized training before entering a block! The specialized trainings are heterogeneous or non-existent as in France. The mortality rate at 60 days in the blocks also varies from 0.5% to 5% in European countries.

Significant pressure on the blocks is clear: more and more aging surgical patients, staff turnover, and multiculturalism blocks. The staff and especially the block managers are subject to requirements of increasingly strong. In addition, ambulatory surgery (patient leaves the hospital the day of its operation) develops a permanent just-in-time process. That enhanced new requirements on personnel practices.
How to address these public health issues which affects room nurses and also the patient?

The KSMOR project is a two years Erasmus+ project that intends to assure good and correct practices inside the Operating Room.

It focuses on the training using the Key Skill Management (KSM) approach. This approach helps to create common knowledge and practices in the operating room, which allow nurses to better understand their responsibilities and tasks within the operating room.

The expected results of the KSMOR project are:
- An online tool that allows nurses to self-evaluate their skills and knowledge related to their everyday tasks in the operating room.
- A tool that englobes common experiences of the partner countries and that complements the Key Skill Management approach.
- User guide of the Key Skill Management approach, with special focus on risk management.
- Pilot test of the Key Skill Management approach in French hospitals.
- Dissemination of the Key Skills Management approach in specialised congresses, reviews, training centres, etc.

Read more in the KSMOR Newsletter:
PartnersHallinnoija CEPPRAL (Ranska)
Partnerit: UNABOIDE (Ranska), Savonia amk, Parnasse Vinci (Belgia), Uni of Parnybicke, Tsekki, IDEC (Kreikka)
Funded byErasmus +