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Project Information
ContactKirsi Mäkiniemi
DescriptionThe aim of the project "Hydrofeed" is to develop and demonstrate the production of hydroponic grain based feed on different cattle farm types in Northern Savolax and Southern Ostrobothnia during 2017 - 2018. This is accomplished by co-operation with University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK) and multiple private farms. In the first phase, we test different species/cultivars that may be suitable for hydroponic production and optimize the growing conditions of hydroponic feed. Secondly, we use a portable hydroponic growing facility to demonstrate the process on private farms. Finally, we calculate the profitability and environmental sustainability of such systems and summarize all data to produce a guideline for hydroponic feed production in Finnish conditions.
Funded byEMR flat rate 2014-2020