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NameDigi Capability – Taking Digital Capability of Companies to a New Level Improving Productivity and Competitiveness
ContactMarja Turunen
DescriptionFinnish people are highly skilled in the development of digital applications, also their digital skills are the best in
Europe. We have the world’s greatest potential to benefit from digitalization. Despite this, the Finnish companies have not been successful in creating new digitalized business models or customer-orientated services. Some companies feel that digitalization is difficult and their skills or company resources are inadequate. However, the progressive and deepening digitalization significantly changes the competitive situation of the companies.

The aim of the project of Digi Capability is to raise the digital competence of companies. The project encourages
companies to develop concepts of management and organization of work, to improve their ability to take advantage of technology and innovations in manufacturing and marketing of products and services. Secondly, the project aims to bring “a try fast, fail fast” culture as part of the company’s activity. Overall, the project has been planned by listening to the wishes and needs of companies. The project has been divided in four different training programs in which the company’s personnel are participating in lectures or work in small groups.

The target groups of the project are young start-up companies as well as small and medium size companies,
regardless of the industry. Our aim is also to attract some bigger medium size companies and at least one enterprise
to the project. The whole personnel of the companies are in the target group including the management teams. There are about 50 companies from Northern Savo in this project. The four training programs deal with understanding and utilization of the digitalization, web presence, business reform and internet of things.

The project is based on the strategy of Kuopio Innovation and supports companies’ productivity and competitiveness locally, nationally and internationally. Since December 2016 the coordination of the project will be changed to Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Savonia). During the project, the know-how of Kuopio Innovation and Savonia personnel will increase and we are able to serve our customers and stakeholders better in digital issues in the future. The companies of Northern Savo, which are taking part of this project, will upgrade their skills. This can be verified by the increase in labor productivity and well-being. The longer-term effect can be seen by the proven competitiveness and outcome of the companies, increasing employment and the region’s attractiveness.
PartnersHankkeen toteutuksesta vastaa Kuopio Innovation Oy v. 2016 ja Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu v. 2017.
Kohderyhmänä ja yhteistyökumppaneina ovat pohjoissavolaiset yritykset.
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