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Project Information
NameMaterials of circular economy utilized as smart filtering elements
ContactMaarit Janhunen
DescriptionGlobal megatrends, such as increasing population and environmental hazards, force us to change comsuption habits and to discover methods for utilizing materials more efficiently. However, being able to apply materials from recycling and circular economy needs also discover of applications and procuts that are economically justified. One of the potential applications may be structures of filtering elements to be used for cleaning purifying stormwaters. Stormwaters contain ingredients and heavy metals, and it is important to recover them for further use.

In the workpackages of this development project we 1) design and manufacture filter prototypes for e.g. stormwater purification and further 2) develop adsorbents from materials in circular economy, such as recycled plastics or rubber, biochar, waste gypsum. Full structure of the filtering systems is composed of various elements that can be modified according to the requirements of the specific target - wheter it is stormwater, industrial waste water or gas emissions.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020