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Project Information

NameCustomer Oriented Technical Analysis
ContactKai Kärkkäinen
DescriptionThe suitability of a product and service to a customer, the management of manufacturing costs throughout the supply chain, and TimeToMarket are key factors in the business of industrial companies. Decisive choices are made at the beginning of the process, affecting the customer's decision to purchase and also the continuity of the customer relationship in the future. Without sufficient understanding of the customer's needs, the product may contain unnecessary features, which increases costs and unnecessarily increases the price of the product and the competitive advantage is lost. The aim of this project is to develop a tool and method that enables companies to develop new products quickly taking into account the needs of the customer and the supply chain.

The project's actions will begin with a literature survey that will explore existing methods and tools for mapping customer needs, focusing in particular on the analytical hierarchy process and (AHP) and QFD (Quality Function Deployment). Based on the literature study, a tool and procedures are defined, designed and implemented to meet the needs of the technology industry.

The impact of the developed method and tool on the product development process will be evaluated at the case study phase. The method and tool with application guidelines will be launched to companies as a measure of the TG2.0 project.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020