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Degree programme: Energy Engineering
Degree title: Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
Duration: 60 ECTS, 1.5-2 years
Study mode: Part-time online studies
Language: English
Annual intake: 30

The focus of the Master Degree Programme in Energy Engineering is to educate professionals in engineering and business management in the field of international energy engineering projects. The aim of the programme is to create highly skilled specialists for the following fields of expertise: managing international technology projects and supply chains, developing advanced energy production systems, intercultural communication and language skills, and specialized themes in engineering. 

Curriculum of degree programme in energy engineering has been drawn up, so that 

  • the degree produces the degree of competence required in work life 
  • the education ensures the development of the student’s expertise 
  • the education enhances lifelong learning 

The student 

  • draws up to support his/her studies an individual study plan in which earlier acquired competence is identified 
  • is responsible for the progression of his/her studies. 

Savonia’s teachers and other personnel facilitate and support in the defining and achieving of individual goals. The student starts the planning of the thesis in during the first semester. 

The competence objective is that the student is able to evaluate and make use of national and international networks. In addition, she/he creates multi professional partnerships in energy engineering field. She/he is able to direct and develop partnerships and brings one’s expertise in interdisciplinary networks/groups. 

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Not available during the spring 2023 application period. Steps of the admission process will be announced later.


Not available during the spring 2023 application period. Eligibility to apply will be announced later.

Degree requirements

You can apply to Savonia UAS Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering if you have completed Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or another appropriate Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree. Also you can apply if you have completed an old vocational degree in Finland (vanhamuotoinen opistoasteen tutkinto tai ammatillisen korkea-asteen tutkinto). In addition, you must have at least two years (24 months) of work experience after graduation.  

Work experience requirements

The work experience must be accumulated as from the date of award of the final Bachelor’s or Master’s degree certificate and obtained no later than the set date.

Work experience should be indicated in the application form in full months. When converting part-time work into its full-time equivalent, 150 hours or 20 working days lasting at least 7 hours per day correspond to one month of work. Work experience does not have to be continuous or obtained working for the same employer. Military or non-military national service, women’s voluntary military service or child-care leave will not be counted towards work experience. 

Work experience must be verified with an employment certificate provided by the employer. An employment certificate must indicate details such as the exact start and end dates of employment, the employer’s contact information, work duties, as well as working hours for part-time work. If the employment continues, the applicant should request a temporary employment certificate from the employer. Employment certificate must include the signature of the employer or the representative of the company and the date when the certificate was issued. Employment contracts or appointment letters are not accepted. 

Fulltime entrepreneurship will be accepted as work experience if an applicant can provide a certificate attesting that he or she is or has been covered under the statutory YEL pension scheme (YEL = statutory pension scheme for entrepreneurs). In addition, a notification from the Trade Register must be submitted. The notification must show details such as the name of the company, field of the operation and the period of time the company has been valid. Enterprising activities abroad should be substantiated with comparable official document. 

If an original employment certificate is in a language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant must submit a copy of the certificate translated into Finnish, Swedish or English by an official (authorised) translator, bearing the translator’s name, signature and stamp, along with the copy of the original certificate. 

Note! Copies of qualification certificates and copies of employment certificates (and translations if needed) must be uploaded to the application form by the set date.

Student selection and instructions for preliminary task

Not available during the spring 2023 application period. Basis of the student selection will be announced later.

Main subjects and fields of specialisation

At the beginning of the studies you will choose 30 ECTS from common and field-specific professional studies in accordance with your personal study and career plan. You will receive guidance and counselling from the responsible teacher of the programme as well as from other members of Savonia staff in view of defining and achieving your personal goals. 


The Master’s degree at a university of applied sciences qualifies you for working in a public sector post. The qualifications equal those attained at a university.

Study contents

Master level studies are 90/60 ECTS credits (one ECTS = student work 27 hours). In accordance with the curriculum of a full-time student one year of study produces 60 ECTS credits which is equivalent to 1600 hours of student work. The study time for Master´s studies varies because of different educational and work backgrounds as well as because of the timetable of the individual studying. A Master´s degree program of 60 ECTS could be executed in one year; however it usually takes 1.5.-2.0 years. Previously acquired competence and its accreditation can affect the length of the studies. The studies consist of advanced professional studies, optional studies and thesis.

Major studies consist of the following study entities and modules:

Recent Development and Future Technologies of Alternative energy Sources and Green House Gas Free Energy Production,

Industrial management in international context

Project Management,

Supply Chain Management,

Lean and Agile Product Manufacturing

Structure of studies

The studies contain 60 ECTS and they can be completed in 1,5 – 2 years. The table below gives further information on the structure of the studies. The courses with white background are compulsory degree studies. 


At Savonia UAS your thesis work will be working- life related. This gives you a possibility to network with the experts and employers in your own field as well as in other fields during your studies. You will prove to be able to recognize, evaluate and solve working-life related challenges independently

The student starts the planning of the thesis in during the first semester. The competence objective is that the student is able to evaluate and make use of national and international networks. In addition, she/he creates multiprofessional partnerships in energy engineering field. She/he is able to direct and develop partnerships and brings one’s expertise in interdisciplinary networks/groups.

There are excellent possibilities also to carry out the Final Project in Energy Research Centre of Savonia UAS where it is going on several research works related to environmental energy production.

Career opportunities

After completing the studies you will be able to work in expert and managerial positions in the large international companies with their subcontracting companies in multiprofessional workplaces. The Master’s degree at a university of applied sciences qualifies you for working in a public sector post. The qualifications are equivalent to those attained at a university.

Job Titles 

  • Project Manager 
  • Project Engineering Manager 
  • Quality Manager 
  • Product Manager 
  • Product Development Manager 
  • Commissioning Manager 
  • Energy Production Specialist 
  • Senior Lecturer 


Savonia UAS is a multicultural and international community. You can also take part of your studies abroad. The student group can also attend possible international seminars, conferences and fairs.


As Master’s degree student you may combine assignments of courses and your thesis either to development projects of your own or to some other organization. In addition there are a lot of interesting topics available in research and development projects going on at Savonia UAS.

Postgraduate study opportunities

The possible postgraduate studies are licentiate and doctoral studies at a university.

Research focus

The research and development work in Energy Engineering field at Savonia UAS is focused on the development of environmental friendly energy conversion processes.

Meet your teachers:

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