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Course Description

NameOral Health Care of Children and Adolescent
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student is able to
• explain the role of a dental hygienist in child health clinics and school health care
• explain the responsibilities of the oral health care personnel specified in the Child Welfare Act
• explain factors influencing the development of children’s and adolescents’ eating behaviours
• explain the effects of children’s diseases and pharmaceuticals on oral health
• explain the growth and development of the masticatory system
• describe normal occlusion
• describe the periodontal diseases of children and adolescents
• explain the special features of children’s caries treatment
• describe the most common tooth and jaw injuries of children and adolescents
• perform oral health check-ups for children of different ages
• provide oral self-care counselling for a child, an adolescent and families
ContentChildren and adolescents as oral health care clients, oral health care in child health clinics and school health care, the responsibilities of oral health care personnel in child protection, childhood diseases, pharmaceuticals and children’s oral health. Factors influencing children’s eating habits. Breastfeeding and sucking habits. Development and growth of jaws, primary tooth eruption, teeth changing stages. The sectors of children’s oral check-ups. Periodontal diseases of children and adolescents and caries treatment. Fluoride, tooth and jaw injuries
RequirementsActive participation in contact lessons, completion of learning assignments and simulation and skills workshop exercises (passed-failed), exams
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialESKELI R.2015.Eruption pattern and occlusal development of the permanent dentition among different population and ethnic groups.
IKÄVALKO T. 2016. Pediatric sleep disordered breathing :causes and consequences.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Fluoride mouthrinses for preventing dental caries in children and adolescents. 29.7.2016
Other Considerations
ContactHolopainen Tiina, Ruokokoski Tarja


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.