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Course Description

Code4 EUS4651
NameElectrical Engineering and Electric machines
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe student knows the concepts and calculation methods related to the rotational movement of a rigid body (motor shaft). The student knows the calculation methods of DC and AC circuits. The student knows the most important characteristics and operating modes of asynchronous and synchronous motors, DC motors, servo and stepper motors, the most important structures and operating principles related to electric drives and is able to select and estimate electric motor drives for the most common applications. The student understands that generator operation is one mode of operation of an electric machine and is able to tentatively select a generator for a small power plant.
Content- Dynamics of the rotational motion, calculation methods and concepts.
- calculation of the DC and AC circuits
- the structures, principles of operation and the most important characteristics for the selection of the most common electric motors
- basics of DC and AC motor drives
- servo and stepper motor drives
- selection and sizing of drives
- operation of electric machines as generators
- application examples from industry
RequirementsLectures, exercises, calculation and planning exercises. Active participation in contact teaching situations, successful completion of assignments and exam.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialElectronic course material in Moodle, websites and sizing programmess for the energy industry and equipment manufacturers.
Other Considerations
ContactKähkönen Olli-Pekka


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