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WUYI21KY Master´s Degree Programme in Energy Engineering

Curriculum responsibility: Riitta Turjamaa

Basis of Education

The Master’s Degree Programme in Energy Engineering is a 60 ECTS programme, which leads to a Master’s Degree in Engineering (M. Eng.). The focus of the Master Degree Programme in Energy Engineering is to educate professionals in engineering and business management in the field of international energy engineering projects. The aim of the programme is to create highly skilled specialists for the following fields of expertise: managing international technology projects and supply chains, developing advanced energy production systems, intercultural communication and language skills, and specialized themes in engineering.

Major studies consist of the following study entities and modules:
- Recent Development and Future Technologies of Alternative energy Sources and Green House Gas Free Energy Production,
- Industrial management in international context
- Project Management,
- Supply Chain Management,
- Lean and Agile Product Development

Our vision here in Savonia, is to become one of the leading industrial and project management educators in Finland especially in the field of energy technology. Our location here in the most international business and industrialized area of Eastern Finland requires us that. We strive with all our forces to reach that goal.


We reserve the right to make changes to the curriculum due to the need to update the content being studied.