Orientation and tutors


The studies will start with an orientation programme. In the orientation you will get to know Savonia, your studies, practicalities, and of course the other students in your group. The orientation programme has been especially planned to help you cope with the flow of new information in the beginning of your studies. It is vital that you participate in the orientation day.

Orientation Day for Energy Engineering Students

Energy Engineering studies will start on 14 January 2022 at 9-11 am Finnish time in Zoom. Studies are conducted entirely online. More detailed information about the orientation day and Zoom link will be sent to students by e-mail.

Teacher tutors

Each degree programme has teacher tutors. Teacher tutors will provide assistance in academic and study related issues especially for degree students from the start of the studies – you will meet them during your Orientation Day.

The teacher tutors for the 1st year students are:

Energy Engineering: Mr. Olli-Pekka Kähkönen (olli-pekka.kahkonen@savonia.fi)

Nursing: Ms. Katri Huuskola and Mr. Ernest Aluoch (katri.huuskola@savonia.fi and ernest.aluoch@savonia.fi)

Business: Mr. Özerk Göker (ozerk.goker@savonia.fi)

IoT: Mr. Tuukka Heiskanen (tuukka.heiskanen@savonia.fi)

Mechanical Engineering: Ms. Armi Huopainen (armi.huopanen@savonia.fi)

International Coordinators

Each study field has an International Coordinator who mainly helps international exchange students in their study related issues such as Learning Agreements.

Student tutors

Savonia Student Union Savotta trains student tutors who will be helping you especially at the beginning of your stay. Your tutor will be contacting you before your arrival and greet you when you arrive to campus. Student tutors are valuable sources of information in questions related to student life at Savonia.