Savonia is one of Europe’s Best Workplaces!

22.09.2021   Uncategorized

Savonia University of Applied Sciences is ranked 33rd in the series of large companies in the Europe’s Best Workplaces survey in 2021.

Great Place to Work®, a global organization specializing in corporate culture analytics, surveyed the experience of more than one million employees in their workplaces in 36 European countries, covering more than 3,000 companies. The top 150 companies were published on 21 September 2021 in the Europe’s Best Workplaces 2021 list.

  • A good workplace is a valuable thing for Savonia’s staff, students, and stakeholders. This is the staff’s assessment of Savonia, and that feels good. when the staff gives such an assessment of their own workplace, good results can be expected as well, says CEO Mervi Vidgrén.
  • The main mission of our strategy is to be a partner for sustainable growth and a guarantor of competence in the transformation of industries. This goal challenges us to constantly renew ourselves. Staff who feel that their work is meaningful and who are proud of their work, create an atmosphere that promotes both development and learning.

Everyday communality and co-development

Great Place to Work is an internationally renowned development tool that Savonia has chosen as the basis for the operating and management culture of the work community. The work is based on Great Place to Work’s definition of a good workplace: a good workplace is one where employees trust the management of their organization, are proud of what they do, and enjoy working with their co-workers.

  • Savonia’s value promise is to be the best higher education work community in Finland in 2024. Our journey and development towards this goal began in 2017 with the launch of the Great Place to Work cooperation. Excellent results are created when the potential of our multidisciplinary experts has been harnessed through management, and the operating culture of a good workplace has been established in the work community. According to the staff feedback, we have a truly relaxed and inspiring atmosphere in Savonia, says Päivi Diov, Director of Administration and Human Resources.