Visit to Charles University, Prague.

Savonia article: Visit to Charles University, Prague


With students, we did a study trip on 1-5.5.2022 to the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague. We were hosted by Assoc. prof. PhDr. Kamila Řasová, Ph.D. who is guarantor of the physiotherapy study at Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

The study trip was part of the Savonia University Applied Sciences course called Learning and studying in international environment. The study trip consisted of a virtual meeting before the trip and then a visit to Prague. The virtual meeting included an introduction to the content of the study trip, agreeing on practical arrangements and, most importantly, getting to know each other before the trip. In addition to this, we kept virtual meetings with Finnish students about the learning agreements of the course, preparation of presentations and matters related to study trip.

Our study trip included in an official program and a social program. As part of the program, we visited the Spa Hotel Savoy where Prim. MUDr. Ladislav Špišák CSc, lectured for us from the topic Physical therapy and balneotherapy. Also were able to see the rehabilitation department of the spa. In addition to this, we got to know the spa culture of Karlovy Vary.

Visit to Charles University, Prague.

We visited the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University. We were introduced the lab of examination of movement system. We got to study the “Muscle imbalances” theme when assoc. prof. PhDr. Kamila Řasová kept the lecturer.

The program included a joint seminar attended by students from Finland, the Czech Republic and Italy. In the seminar, the students presented their own thesis topics, their results from their studies or, for example, Finnish students presented the rehabilitation practices of their own workplace. Finish students’ titles of presentation were Autism Foundation – Atala group home offers a kind, similar Everyday life to its customers and Day activity center, Kaveritupa. In addition, we were introduced to Savonia and our Rehabilitation education at the bachelor’s and Master’s level.

Visit to Charles University, Prague.

In addition, the program included a lecture on Rehabilitation among older people in Finland for specialists in rehabilitation of elderly people at Faculty Thomayer hospital.

During the visit we negotiated future cooperation. We have a strong interest in cooperation, and we want to continue both student and teacher exchanges. In educational collaboration, we are jointly building a BIP intensive course on the theme of Neurological Rehabilitation. Italy will also be involved in this cooperation. In addition, we will continue and expand our research collaboration. In particular, the trip strengthened cooperation and opened new opportunities for cooperation.


Marja Äijö, PhD, principal lecture: gerontology and rehabilitation, Savonia University of Applied Science
Kamila Řasová Assoc. prof. Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University