0% grain, 100% taste and freedom to choose

Taste, ​composition and nutritional content that cannot be found elsewhere. Ketoinen produces low-carbohydrate, fiber- and protein-rich bakery products. All products are grain-free, gluten-free, yeast-free and lactose-free. The ready-to-use frozen products both minimize waste and are developed to be palatable to as many people as possible, especially if there are special diets or allergies involved. Ketoinen’s vision is to be Europe’s leading stomach-friendly food brand and its mission is to improve everyday life and do good through good food values​​.

Responsibility and sustainability

Ketoinen strives to build a better, healthier and happier future for the next generations. The effects of the company’s operations on different groups of people and communities are, for example; Supporting well-being and functional capacity with functional foods for all ages, improving the quality of life for all ages with foods that support special diets.

The core issues of the Laboratories for Climate Actions (ILCA) activities were to support the strategy development process with meetings focused on responsibility actions. The joint meetings put into practice a new way of thinking about responsibility, which is based on the global sustainable development target program and taking into account the deterioration of biodiversity. Important areas were found in marketing aspects: improving domesticity (degree of domesticity, transparency and traceability), and consideration of locally available raw materials.

Comments of collaboration partner

”Ketoinen participates in health and well-being research projects, the goal of which is to improve the quality of life, prevent life-threatening diseases, and support future functioning and well-being. The company uses and utilizes clean, researched and responsibly produced raw materials in its food products. By using products where carbon neutrality has been taken into account, for example in the milk chain, and egg products and animal welfare have been taken care of, Ketoinen aims to ensure that operations are in harmony with the needs of the environment and society.”

Niina Vänttinen, CMO, Ketoinen

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Goal 2 - Zero hunger


Double agricultural productivity and income for small producers by 2030 by guaranteeing access to information, markets and value creation opportunities.

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