HitTek – Advanced Technology in Welding Industry

The Finnish technology industries are facing a situation where the need for new labour force by 2021 is estimated at over 53.000. Lack of skilled labour in the field has been recognised nationwide. Now is the time to do something about it.

High competence in development of technologies and quality of production in Finland are the key factors in facilitating competitive manufacturing also in Finland. Increasing the level of automation, enhancing competences and production methods by introduction of novel digital solutions are crucial in tackling the need for labour force in the industry and strengthening competitiveness

Changes in activities caused by technologies must be taken into account both in product development, production planning and manufacturing. It is important to utilize the full potential of advanced technologies, supported by internal activities of the company. The process increases productivity, ensures improved competitiveness and facilitates expansion of business both nationally and in global markets.

The impetus behind Savonia’s Technological Changes in Welding Industries Project HitTek was the increase in the rate of technological development and changes. HitTek project boosts competitiveness of businesses by introducing new technologies and solutions.

Comments of a collaboration partner

”Collaboration with Savonia has increased the efficiency of the fine loading of our production. We have been able to streamline the order-delivery process and make it substantially more transparent throughout the organisation.”

Aki Karvonen, Technical Manager, IWE

Aki Karvosen puolilähikuva, Aki katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee vienosti.
Aki Karvonen.
Simetek-yrityksen logo, jonka kirjaimet ovat sinisellä ja sanan edessä kuva rattaan kuva.


Simetek provides its customers with turnkey deliveries of industrial devices. We deliver devices and other machine shop products on a turnkey principle: we measure, design, manufacture and install. We also provide life cycle services such as maintenance and manufacture of spare parts. We also carry out prototype design and manufacturing and product development. We also execute smaller jobs to a high level of quality and on an agreed schedule. Simetek Works Oy is a supplier and subcontractor machine shop for industries and a maintenance partnership company.

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

8.2 & 8.4

Higher productivity through technological innovation. Improves resource efficiency in production.

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