Workshops Support Responsibility Work of Small and Medium Size Enterprises

The Business Network of Climate Security Project arranged by Savonia in the beginning of December 2021 marked the start of a series of workshops, where small and medium size enterprises engaged in responsibility work in collaboration with Business Kuopio, Business Center Pohjois-Savo and business experts from the Iisalmi Business Development. Facilitator of the workshops was Third Rock Finland Oy.

Three different phases in the development of responsibility can be identified.

Charity: Initially, responsibility equalled charity campaigns, separate from other business activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility: This phase focused on wider dimensions of sustainable development.

Strategic responsibility: Instead of risk management, strategic responsibility focuses on possibilities, operations are steered by responsibility and responsibility must be measurable.

Small and medium size enterprises might not perceive their current activities as responsibility acts, although that is what they may actually be. With 2/3 of European industrial emissions coming from small and medium size enterprises, their role in reaching the environmental objectives is significant.

Comments of a collaboration partner

”Our company plays a key role in the changing world by ensuring that everybody stays up to date on development. We use visualisation techniques to render complex matters easier to understand. For a long time our team has been working on the strategy and corporate responsibility of our company. This workshop, however, provided us with an outsider perspective on how we should formulate our vision and determine our goals and helped us gain new insights.”

Mirva Jäntti, Piirre

Mirva Jäntti.


Piirre uses visual methods to make complex matters easier to understand – even by the grandmother. Piirre’s service is a visual journey concretising the common thread and the core of even extensive entities. Visual expression helps the company’s brand and story come alive. Visual tools make it easier to communicate with the staff, customers and stake-holders, both on informative and emotional level.

Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth


Sustainable economic growth for all, full and productive employment and decent jobs.

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