Library and Graduating students!

Welcome to use the library even after graduation from Savonia!

You can continue to use your student card as your library card or exchange the card for a pink library card in the library’s customer service. Borrowing with Savonia-Finna’s mobile library card is also possible! Exception is Tuudo-library card, which you can’t use anymore.

Return the loans, and if you have overdue fines pay them in Savonia-Finna. If you still need the books you have borrowed, renew them and make sure you get a new due date.

After graduating, your data will be expired and the data will need to be updated. It is very important to update your email address, as you will log in to Savonia-Finna via your email in the future.

Remote access to e-materials is not possible, but some of them can be used locally in the library.

Congratulations on graduation!