Coronavirus information

This information was last updated on 7.2.2022.

Savonia UAS wishes to ensure the health and safety of staff, students and partners during the coronavirus pandemic. In this page, you can find and follow all of the corona virus information and instructions provided by Savonia UAS. Staff and students will also receive more detailed information through Savonia’s intranet (Santra and Reppu). 

Savonia actively monitors and follows the official recommendations aimed at reducing the corona virus spread and risk of infection.

In spite of the above, Savonia will arrange its operations in such a way that the progress of studies is ensured for all students. Persons with symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a cold, cough or fever, are not allowed to come to the campus. Savonia will arrange large-scale events on campus only if the corona restrictions allow.

The recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and Education emphasize the importance of keeping a good hand hygiene, covering coughs and intensifying the cleaning of public spaces. Savonia also strongly recommends all students and staff to get full coverage of the Covid-19 vaccinations.

Teaching and campus services

During weeks 7-9, the aim is for all groups to have part of the teaching as contact teaching on campuses. Contact teaching, simulation teaching, workshop teaching, thesis supervision, small group and supervision meetings are arranged on campuses. Savonia’s campuses are open, and it is possible to study independently on campus and use campus services, following good hygiene practices.


The recommendation is that internships are to be continued whenever this is possible at the workplace and whenever both, the training provider and employer, consider that the work environment is safe for the student. However, changes in internship periods are very likely in this situation. Changes in training should be agreed with your own training supervisor.

A separate instruction has been made for students in the Social and Health Care field.

Students with extended study right

If you are studying on extended study right and your graduation is delayed for reasons independent to your actions – for example the practical training is cancelled or discontinued by the employer – the extension can exceptionally be continued. In such a case you should contact Savonia Manager of Student Services, Anne Koskela,, before the end of your extended study right.

SYKETTÄ sport services

SYKETTÄ Sports Services follow the official guidelines given by the national and local authorities. For current information, please visit SYKETTÄ webpage.

Student insurance

Students of Savonia are insured when they are studying based on their study schedule, regardless of the location. Unscheduled homework is not included in the insurance coverage.

Incoming and outgoing exchange students and trainees (short-term and long-term mobility)

It is possible to both leave and arrive for student exchange in accordance with the instructions of Savonia, the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the countries and universities of exchange.

Student and internship exchanges are possible within Europe, and to countries where the security level is deemed sufficient. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ travel bulletins are used, among other things, in assessing the security situation.

It is the responsibility of the person planning the international exchange to find out the content of the travel bulletin of the destination country issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, up-to-date entry regulations and possible national restrictions and recommendations. For the time being, trips are not made to countries for which the Ministry for Foreign Affairs urges to avoid unnecessary travel. THL recommends that all travelers traveling abroad obtain full corona vaccination protection before traveling.

The instructions given by the authorities are actively monitored and, if necessary, the instructions related to travelling abroad are changed accordingly.

Further covid-19 information for incoming exchange students

Staff mobility

Incoming and outgoing staff mobility is evaluated case-by-case.

What to do if you feel ill?

If you have any respiratory symptoms such as cold, cough, or fever, you cannot come to campus. Doing Covid-19 home tests is recommended. For further instructions, you can call the Coronavirus help line: 044 704 6700. Please do not enter the health care center or hospital before you have received instructions over the phone.

Arrival information for international students

Foreign degree students of Savonia’s international degree programmes are welcome if they have received their residence permits. Distance learning will be possible during spring semester 2022 for those international degree students who started their studies in the autumn of 2021 and do not receive a residence permit due to the Covid-19 situation.

Up-to-date instructions on the conditions for entering Finland during Covid-19 pandemic can be found here:

All those who are travelling to Finland should have the corona pass, and follow the border control instructions. The latest information on travel restrictions can be found on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). THL is responsible for providing travelers with appropriate health security instructions (including self-isolation). Recommendations for self-isolation can be checked on the website of THL.

Students arriving to Savonia need to fill in an arrival form so that Savonia can give the arriving students instructions on their arrival:

Arrival form for degree students

Practical information for arriving international students

Wearing a mask on campus

Savonia recommends all students, customers and staff to use masks while on campus. Savonia provides these masks free of charge.

Risk groups due to illness or treatment

If you belong to a risk group and, due to your health condition or treatment, are not able to participate in on-campus teaching at all, please contact your study counselor by email. You must present a document describing your state of health (possibly a doctor’s statement) to the tutor, on the basis of which we will arrange distance and self-study options or make changes to the personal study plan (PSP). If, as a new student, you do not know your study advisor, you can contact student services.

Risk groups for severe coronavirus disease, Finnish institute of health and welfare website

If possible, we organize distance and self-study options for those at risk. Together we will ensure your health as well as the continuation of your studies.

Mental wellbeing

If you feel worried or stressed by the corona-situation, you can contact us – we are here to help you! The welfare counsellor, school chaplains and health care services are at your service.