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Savonia Received a Quality Label – bold, impressive, and responsible regional development work


Strategy orientation, accessibility and transparency arose as Savonia’s strengths in the quality system audit carried out by the National Education Evaluation Center. On March 16, 2022, Savonia received a quality label valid for six years.

According to the evaluation, Savonia’s development work is determined and effective. Savonia is estimated to develop its education interactively with external stakeholders, and the integration of RDI activities and teaching is planned and innovative.

Savonia’s operating culture supports this renewal and encourages experimental development. Courage as a value is shared through all levels of the organization and is embodied, among other things, as an incentive to make innovative use of new technology.

Active involvement in networks

Savonia’s strategic goals are in line with the Northern Savonia Regional Program, which supports its role in an effective and responsible regional development.

– The audit team is convinced and impressed with the regional effectiveness of the work being done in Savonia. Savonia’s active involvement in networks important to Northern Savo and the trust gained among key stakeholders is the result of long-term development work, says Kati Komulainen, Rector of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

– The external audit team saw Savonia’s strength as a regional developer of courage and agility. Also, Savonia’s effectiveness and it’s presentation felt particularly good, says Savonia’s rector Mervi Vidgrén.

The approved audit shows that Savonia’s operations and quality system meet both national criteria and European quality assurance criteria for higher education institutions. The audit focuses on the ways in which higher education institutions maintain and develop the quality of education, research and social interaction and effectiveness.