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The Neptune Project is Ready to Impact the Whole World


The Neptune Project, led by the project leader, Jarkko Surakka, and Savonia University of Applied Sciences, has officially begun!

Six talented students from five countries arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland, on Friday, March 17th, and is already preparing to create an impact in this world! This exciting project, sponsored by Genelec, aims to create the Urban soundscape Neptune 2023 in Lucerne that captures the essence of urban life in a creative and innovative way.

To accomplish this, the participating universities have each sent six of their best students and supervisors to take part in this project. The students come from various backgrounds, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and architecture.

Upon arrival, each student from a different university forms a team with an assigned supervisor. This year we have Team Schwanenplatz, supervised by Jarkko Surakka from Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Team Pilatusplatz, supervised by Elsa Brailly & Rafika Ben Haj Slama from ECAM Lasalle, Team Inseli, led by Hans Schaeffer from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Team Bahnhofplatz, supervised by Peter Schwehr from HSLU Hochschule Luzern, and Team Weinmarkt, led by Marko Jausovec from the University of Maribor.

The students have been tasked with creating a unique auditory environment that artistically and inventively encapsulates the spirit of city living. This project provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their skills and collaborate with their peers from different countries. At the end of this 10-day project, a jury of experts from the universities and sponsor Genelec, including CEO Siamäk Naghian, will assess the projects and determine the best one! Saireen Shupti, the project assistant from Savonia University of Applied Sciences, is in charge of the PR of Neptune 2023.

To begin the projects, the students enjoyed listening to keynote speeches from a Swiss professional musician, Balthasar Streiff. His speeches provided valuable insights and knowledge into the world of music and soundscapes. Additionally, the students have participated in site visits that allowed them to explore the city of Lucerne and gain inspiration for their work.

The Neptune Project is an exciting initiative that will push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in soundscapes. With the collaboration of talented students from across Europe and the support of Genelec, this project is set to produce a remarkable soundscape that perfectly encapsulates the vibrancy of urban life!