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Focus areas

The mission of our RDI focus areas is to provide research services that enhance the growth, profitability and internationalisation of the key sectors in the regional economic structure. To maintain high impact, our investments in the development of our competencies are tailored to regional needs. Activities in the RDI focus areas must be on a high national level and contain international research collaboration as well. In addition to the specific focus areas, we continue with RDI activities in response to regional development end educational needs in all areas under the educational responsibility of Savonia.

RDI focus areas and their key missions are:

Machine and energy industry

Research, testing, and educational activities promoting sustainable development and digital transition in the industrial and energy sectors in collaboration with partners.


Mechanical engineering, Esa Jääskeläinen, R&D Manager, esa.jaaskelainen@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6271
Energy technology, Jarno Ruusunen, R&D Manager, jarno.ruusunen@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6778

Smart and Sustainable Wellbeing

Smart and sustainable solutions for personal and communal wellbeing for today’s and future needs.


Mikko Ylilauri, R&D Manager, mikko.ylilauri@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6152

Water safety

Securing clean water and zero emission industry by developing smart water technologies in close cooperation with academia, technology providers and industry.


Eero Antikainen, R&D Manager, eero.antikainen@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6325

Food business

Creating innovative solutions to ensure sustainable and responsible food systems through stakeholder collaboration and ecosystems.

Petri Kainulainen, Director of Education, petri.kainulainen@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6635

Bio and Circular Economy

We support businesses and society’s sustainable development by at the heart are bio-based products and material recycling. We help companies to move away from the fossil economy towards the bio economy and low carbon society.


Harri Auvinen, R&D Manager, harri.auvinen@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6923

Business Center and DigiCenter North Savo

Located in North Savo, Business Center is a service network promoting know-how and international competitiveness of the region and its businesses. We advocate entrepreneurship, innovation and development of new services and products.


Kaija Sääski, Business Services Director, kaija.saaski@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6922

DigiCenterNS supports digitalization of businesses by offering services that improve their digital capabilities. Partners are supported by offering preliminary studies and piloting services in technology. Moreover, technology seminars and webinars are organized. The key technology themes are IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics and XR technologies.


Aki Happonen, RDI Expert, aki.happonen@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6033

Multidisciplinary RDI

Regional solutions in local problems with partners in university-industry collaboration by cross-polinating different expertise.


Antti Iire, R&D Manager, antti.iire@savonia.fi, t. +358 44 785 6925