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Project Information
NameAgainst Waste: Activate Rerearch and Education
ContactUlla Santti
DescriptionOn the territory of the Russian Federation, there is currently over 90 billion tons of cumulated solid waste. As a result of huge waste flows, the area occupied by landfills is already the size of a small European country such as Switzerland. Everywhere, poor waste management is already making a negative impact on the environment, and this impact is expected to increase dramatically in the future as more and more products are wrapped in plastics and made to be discarded after use.

Overall objective of the project is to maintain and preserve the fresh water reservoirs and the sea clean and to attract tourists and new inhabitants with pure and clean environment. Specific objective of the project is to increase residents awareness of both serious environmental threats and with the economic potential associated with recyclable waste in St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Additionally to give knowledge support for the local authorities for their decision making in waste management and recovery. And finally to help St. Petersburg / Leningrad Region people to more actively participating in circular economy activities.
Funded byEU-Regio-Muu