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Project Information
NameRDI environment for Digitechnology
ContactAki Happonen
DescriptionDigitalisation is a megatrend, which is also called the fourth industrial revolution. As a concept, digitization is
enormously wide and difficult to approach. It touches in some way almost every industry and individual. According to industry reports, digitalisation is still a great, and largely untapped, possibility of Finland. For example, digitalisation has been estimated to repair traditional weaknesses in Finland. The distance to the global market diminishes over the Internet.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has recently created and introduced a national artificial intelligence strategy. The strength of Finnish business is in industrial applications utilizing artificial intelligence. At present, however, artificial intelligence in the North Savo region is still relatively little utilized in business life compared to the opportunities it currently offers.

“Digitalisation in The Northern Savo“ - operational program has mapped the opportunities offered by digitalisation and aligned strategic priorities of digitalization in the province. Target groups for the action program have been mechanical and energy technology and health. For each of these areas, an innovation ecosystem has been envisaged as a framework for action.

A brand new digital expert center, Digi Center, has been planned for digital technology support for the region's
businesses and innovation ecosystems. Digi Center follows the development of digitalisation and helps innovation
ecosystems and companies to solve digitalisation problems. The purpose of this project is to initiate and consolidate Dig Center operations in Savilahti region. The project is accomplished by Savonia University of Applied Sciences and University of Eastern Finland. The mission of Digi Center is to support partners in the applications of new digital technology and reduce difficulties in use of new technology.

The main operations of the project are divided into five work packages:
TP1. Designing Digi Center's operational model and launching its operations
TP2. Design and implementation of procurement
TP3. Networking, communication and local impact
TP4. Technological development of Digi Center
TP5. Piloting Digi Center

The result of this project is Digi Center, which is an active regional center for digital competence. The Center actively follows industry research and technology and provides customers with solutions to challenging problems by conducting feasibility studies and experiments. The Center will carry out workshops and support the use of new digital technologies for partners. Helpdesk model is also being tested for smaller problem solutions. Digi Center's customers include companies in the region, innovation ecosystems and RDI units. The center is also networked nationally and partly internationally and, where necessary, acquires expertise from network partners. The subjects of expertise of Digi Center are IoT and artificial intelligence.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020