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Project Information
NameBiosphere Northern Savo - Research, Development and Knowledge based Ecosystem of Bioeconomy
ContactHarri Auvinen
DescriptionIn Northern Savo focused RDI actions have been planned and different stakeholders have joined in the networks especially during the last three years 2016-2019. The aim of this project is to continue concrete development focused on selected development spearheads based on the action plans together with companies (>20), 3 educational and research organizations and 6 other partners. These spearheads are a) thermal and/or biologic treatment of biomass to liquids, gases and solid products and their further refining, b) circular fertilizer/solid improvement products by utilizing local industrial side streams and above mentioned processing techniques and expertise, and c) clarifying the critical issues required for wide utilization by using literature, testing and experiments. The tasks are combined in three work packages. The outcome of the project will include at least 4 circular fertilizer mixtures and at least 4 other product prototypes such as composites which are manufactured from the side streams of industrial partners in Northern Savo and tested for functionality in applications. Based on the results all the relevant factors are collected to the final report to be commercially utilized in Northern Savo and even wider in Finland.
Funded byEAKR 2014-2020