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NameTailored solutions for health care and medicine by 3D printing and coating
ContactMika Mäkinen
DescriptionThe aim of the project is to produce tailored solutions with improved functionality, usability and cost efficiency for health care and medicine. This is achieved by combining the ability of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) techniques to produce objects with customized shapes and inner structures and adjusting their surface properties by modern coating techniques. This enables the production of a wide variety of tailored medical solutions such as prostheses, implants, supports, anatomical models, sensors, tools etc. Many applications in health care and medicine find their best usefulness when tailored individually for each patient, which makes 3D printing an attractive manufacturing method for these purposes. However, the surface quality of printed objects is seldom acceptable and various surface post-treatments are necessary. On the other hand, this creates possibilities for customizing the surface properties of the object since often the surface determines the functionality of the object more than its inner structure. This project combines the wide expertise of the University of Eastern Finland and the Savonia University of Applied Sciences in the fields of medical and environmental physics, coating methods and 3D printing to find new solution concepts for applications chosen in cooperation with companies, R&D and end user partners.
PartnersAlustavat neuvottelut ovat käynnissä seuraavien yritysten kanssa:
*Rayo 3D-ToothFill
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020