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Project Information
NameGreen Data Future Solutions
ContactUlla Santti
DescriptionData analytics acts in a major role within new sustainable development innovations and thus it has risen to a position of cross-cutting theme for multiple companies and public organizations and their product and service development. The aim of this project is to create new competitive advantage for regional operators by processed and visualized green data. Furthermore, this project contributes to create networking between large public operators and SMEs in the field of data business.

This project is offering potential to advantage of data gathered from multiple different sources by supporting leading companies and SMEs with their decision-making processes and to create new business and RDI operations with data visualization. These kind of data visualizations serves as solution for sale e.g. in the form of marketing material or as a knowledge management tool. To make this possible, the work in this project requires developing technical solutions and profitable usage of the gathered data and also solid structures for collaboration and operating models.

This project is divided in three work packages:
1) Company data processing and visualization,
2) Co-developing data technologies,
3) Implementing the sustainable development strategy into a company to enhance its competitiveness.

The project improves product development in companies and their knowledge increases significantly in data utilization for marketing and business development while promoting regional sustainable development goals in a profitable way. The aim is to increase the degree of digitalization, develop information transmission and business growth of regional companies as the funding parties (leading companies) use local SMEs services in their subcontracting chains. The product concepts, new knowledge and business models developed in this project will therefore benefit province SMEs.

One of the key tools in sustainable development fostering is data visualization, which is used for demonstrating the business potential of a new technology and to further introduction by altering the behaviour and actions of target groups in situations important to strategy implementing. Another issue to develop in data utilization would be processing the data to a usable form from different sources in a matter of wide availability of the knowledge. The North Savo Province Plan 2040 and Province Program 2018 - 2021 highlights the importance of digitalization and data utilization in different industries. The Province Program also sets technology and digital knowledge as one of the key factors for growing regional attraction and thus for the rising bio and circulation economies processing the data in usable form is especially significant in a matter of viability and co-operation of companies. Data is often referred to oil and thus acting as one of the most significant strategic resources of business in the future. The importance of digital knowhow is emphasized in business during both, the time of corona pandemic and the economic recovery.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020