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Project Information
NameSavoFarm 4.0
ContactMika Repo
DescriptionIn Pohjois-Savo, agriculture specializes in milk and meat production, which has yielded the best returns so far on
farms and the climatic conditions prevailing in the area. As climate change progresses and consumers' growing
environmental awareness challenges farmers to consider the environmental impact of their own operations. In addition to the environmental impact, the high cost of inputs requires more specific measures on farms in order to achieve optimum productivity. Technological development in the world is very fast and new technological applications are constantly arriving in Finland. Among the young, the agricultural sector is often not perceived as being very technology-oriented or digital. However, there are many jobs in the agricultural sector that require technological and digital skills. The Pohjois-Savo needs information and know-how on the latest innovations in agricultural technology, which will enable more efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly production and support the welfare of livestock on farms. In addition, a new model must be created for the continuous updating of technological know-how and its transfer to agricultural entrepreneurs and workers.
The aim of the project is to launch a regional improvement in the competitiveness of future agricultural production
through the digital optimization of inputs. The project will develop a cluster of digital monitoring, process management and precision farming expertise in agricultural production processes. The Knowledge Center will become a common TKIO platform for companies and entrepreneurs, a vocational college, a university of applied sciences and research organizations, with the goal of the future networked farm, SavoFarm, working together in different fields of knowledge and industries. The services offered by the cluster will contribute to the development of the farms in the province and to keep up with the strong technological development. Increased network co-operation through joint use of equipment and facilities will increase the know-how of entrepreneurs in the area.
The project will develop the TKIO environment into a CoE in Agrotech, which will address the challenge of overall
environmental efficiency and help the next generation of experts to address key challenges in agriculture. Closer cooperation between organizations through the joint use of equipment, systems and facilities will enable more efficient use of new technologies and the emergence of new innovations in the area.
Through the cooperation network of this project, the Peltosalmi farm of Ylä-Savo Vocational College forms a significant and local research center in Pohjois-Savo. The Peltosalmi farm is equipped with data acquisition systems for analyzing process data. The purpose is to collect data to identify e.g. factors influencing animal behavior and welfare. Through analysis, preventive measures can be taken to prevent problems from developing and to make the necessary changes. In addition, piloting hardware for precision farming and monitoring will be procured and used in collaboration with software designers. The new technology promotes environmental and animal welfare and further enhances the appreciation of domestic food.
Measures to develop the future cluster of knowledge consist of five (5) work packages:
TP1) Creating a Center of Excellence (CoE) Operating Model
TP2) Needs assessment of business development activities
TP3) Planning of CoE and piloting
TP4) Knowledge Sharing Development Plan
TP5) Creating a road map
PartnersHankkeen kohderyhmänä ovat alueen maaseutuyrittäjät ja Ylä-Savon ammattiopiston, Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulun sekä Luonnonvarakeskuksen maatalousalan TKIO-henkilöstö sekä opettajat. Hankkeen tärkeän kohderyhmän muodostavat tulevaisuuden digitaalisesta maataloustuotannon ohjaamisesta ja tuottavuuden kehittämisestä kiinnostuneet pohjoissavolaiset maatalousyritykset. Maatalousalan koneita, laitteita ja järjestelmiä tuottavat ja myyvät yritykset sekä arvoketjun muut tuotantolaitokset ovat osaltaan muutoksen mahdollistava kohderyhmä. Välillisesti kohderyhmänä on koko pohjoissavolainen elintarvikkeiden alkutuotannon tilat sekä yhteistyöoppilaitoksien opettajat ja opiskelijat valtakunnan tasolla. Kohderyhmänä ovat hankkeessa kehitettävän uuden teknologiatiedon saajina maatalousalaa tukevat tutkimus-, neuvonta- ja kehittämisorganisaatiot. Hanke toteutetaan Ylä-Savon ammattiopiston hallinnoimana yhdessä Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulun ja Luonnonvarakeskuksen kanssa. Yhteistyössä on myös maatilayrityksia ja kone- sekä laitevalmistajia.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020