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Project Information
ContactHarri Komulainen
DescriptionWelding industry in Finland needs new solutions to manage the competition in industry. Finland is not one of the top countries in the digitalisation of industry and other countries are rapidly increasing their skills and knowledge in utilising digital solutions. However, Finland's strong expertise in technology development and quality of production are key factors, and production can be competitive in Finland. It requires competence, technology and development actions.

Increasing automation, improving competence and making production operations more efficient with new digital solutions is an important way to meet the needs of industry and strengthen competitiveness. However, these development efforts and new technologies will not succeed without the preparation for technology change.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness of welding companies by exploiting new technologies and managing technology change by increasing competence and establishing new operating models. The project activities are divided into three operational entities:
1. Information events of new technologies and networking
2. Test environments for in-depth applied research
3. Workshops for emerging topical themes
The project actions are put together in the four main package:
1. Starting point surveys
2. New technologies
3. Technology change management
4. Project management.

The results of the project are:
- New welding mechanisation and automation solutions
- More efficient production control solutions
- More interoperable product development and production processes
- Improved quality management and
- Increased knowledge in welding companies.
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020