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NameBusiness and Customer Oriented Product Concept
ContactKai Kärkkäinen
DescriptionIn order to be able to produce competitive products, the manufacturing industry needs to develop its capacity for research and innovation skills and technological change. This requires e.g. strong product strategy and product portfolio management. The most important decisions in product development are made in the early stages of the process, which the industry needs to manage with new methods and tools.

BisTech project is a follow-up to a previous CusTech project and aims to further develop the method for managing upstream product development process and to produce software to convert Voice Of The Customer (VOC) into product specifications, identify the specifications that are most relevant to the customer by simulating their values with profitability and customer value as well as determining the suitability of the new product concept for the product portfolio and product strategy.

A case study carried out in the context of an earlier project raised new critical research questions for which the literature study, which is the first measure of the project, seeks theoretical solutions. On the basis of the new knowledge obtained from the literature research, a theoretical operating model and supporting software will be developed, which will be tested and further developed in case studies with 2-3 companies. The developed method produces application guidelines for companies and students. With the developed method, it is possible to define a new product concept that meets customer expectations, fits in with the company's product strategy and leads to good profitability.
PartnersHankkeen ensisijainen kohderyhmä on pohjoissavolainen teknologiateollisuus, etenkin koneenrakennus, mutta kehitettävän työkalun uskotaan soveltuvan kaikille niille yrityksille, jotka kehittävät omia tuotteita tai palveluja.
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