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Project Information
NameWellness Warkaus
ContactTarja Tapaninen
DescriptionCity of Varkaus is building a new health campus the impacts of which in the city organization culture and the employees will be extensive. There will be pressure especially to reshape the working processes of the supporting personnel. Additionally, rather big amount of the city personnel will retire in the near future. At the same time, there will be demands for prolonging the personnel careers.

Wellness Warkaus project helps the city of Varkaus to prepare for the changes in advance instead of reacting them afterwards. The development work will be targeted at leadership, management and work community skills, customer service processes, as well as personnels overall well-being at work and their coping with work-load. The target is to create more customer oriented services and a resilient organization that is operational and able to commit change.

Development work is divided in three entities: management & leadership development, working community development and customer service pilots. All development work will be carried out as a part of employees everyday work by means of agile development and inclusive learning methods by learning from others.

Open and transparent communication is an inseparable part of successful development work. To make communication fluent and free, digital equipment will be put to use more efficiently. Development work based on mutual commitment and the needs of the management and personnel enhances the citys cultural change, which in turn reflects as positive customer experiences in service situations. Taking care of the employees wellbeing is also a competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment and the employer image. Projects development work with its positive effects will be a part of the citys strategy towards Wellness Warkaus brand.
PartnersHankkeen toteuttajia ovat Varkauden kaupunki ja Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu. Ostopalveluina hyödynnetään alueen hyvinvointiosaamisen yrityksiä. Hankkeesta hyötyvät Varkauden kaupungin työntekijät ja varkautelaiset parempina palveluina.
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