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Project Information
NameNewTech - Companies growth and internationalization
ContactJari-Pekka Jääskeläinen
DescriptionThere is a significant network of companies in the field of technology industry and energy technology in the North Savo region. Technology industry companies have an annual turnover of EUR 2.0 billion and an employment effect of 22,000 jobs. The sector accounts for 39% of the region's total goods exports and 68% of the region's business R&D investment. The machinery and energy technology industry is the largest industrial area in North-Savo in economic terms and has been identified as one of the area of smart specialisation in the development of the North Savo region.
The success of technology companies has a significant impact on the region's well-being through employment, development and export earnings generation.

The target group of the project is machine-, energy- and health technology companies, as well as SMEs providing services to them in North Savo region, Pieksämäki and Joroinen. The project seeks to promote the success of companies in the local and global transformation of the technology and operating environment. The aim is to promote the growth, internationalization and modernization of SMEs and to make practical use of the opportunities offered by
digitalisation. It also aims to build the capabilities of companies by reforming their business models, developing productivity, promoting the use of automation and robotics, and developing new innovations.

The main activities of the project are related to the promotion of small and medium-size enterprises (SME) growth, internationalization, competitiveness, digitalisation, networking and innovation. The project promotes cooperation between companies, educational institutions and other stakeholders nationally and internationally. In addition, companies' capabilities in terms of strategy, internationalization and digitalisation will be explored and developed.
Companies innovations will be activated in cooperation with the R&D facilities and other development organizations in the region. New innovations and the development of manufacturing processes will promote low-carbon throughout the business process.

As a result of the project, the internationalization of SMEs is progressing and companies are more capable of responding to international competition also in export markets. The competitiveness of the business is improving and SMEs are better prepared for the changes in the technology and business environment, especially in relation to digitalisation and the changes in the work. As a result of the comprehensive business development of the companies, the net sales and export revenues of the technology companies in the region will increase and the companies will employ new employees.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020