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NameDeveloping business and digital tools to prevent digital exclusion
ContactMinna Saario
DescriptionPurpose of the project is to develop the business of social care SMEs, organizations and associations so that they are able to provide services with a multifunctional model. Cooperation with the municipalities / associations of municipalities is utilized. At least 160 companies, organizations or associations are taken part of the project. The employees of the municipalities, specially those who work in close contact with the companies or make decisions regarding to social care issues, are also the target group of the project.

The project organizes coaching with the help of digital tools on a topic such as: business development, marketing, quality, utilization of networks and well-being of employees. These requires strong effort from the companies to utilize digital information and tools.

The operating area of the project are the province of North-Savo, municipalities of Rantasalmi and Sulkava (West- Savo area), municipalities of Outokumpu and Polvijärvi (North-Karelia) and Kyyjärvi, Kivijärvi, Kinnula, Karstula, Kannonkoski, Viitasaari, Pihtipudas and Saarijärvi from Middle-Finland area.

As a result of the project companies can use digital tools and systems, such as Kanta (minimum 50 companies). They are ready to have their quality system audited (minimum 30 companies). All the participants have taken digital customer information systems into use and all their operations meets legal requirements. Operational management is strategically planned and their business has grown. All companies have an updated strategy, marketing plan, self-monitoring plan, development plan, customer development plan and quality policy. They understand the requirements of information security. Service design has been extensively utilized within the network and employee roles have been clarified, responsibilities have been shared, knowledge is passing and well-being at work has improved. Cooperation between companies and municipalities is fluent.
PartnersHankkeen kohderyhmänä ovat mikro- ja pienet sote- alan yritykset sekä tukipalvelujen tuottajat. Toimialueena on Pohjois-Savo, Etelä Savosta Rantasalmi ja Sulkava, Pohjois-Karjalasta Outokumpu ja Polvijärvi sekä Keski-Suomesta Kyyjärvi, Kivijärvi, Kinnula, Karstula, Kannonkoski, Viitasaari, Pihtipudas ja Saarijärvi. Hankkeen toteutusajankohta on 1.2.2020 – 31.12.2022. Hankkeen rahoittajan toimii Etelä-Savon elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus.

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Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020