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Project Information
NameHuman-Centric Digital Municipality
ContactPaavo Maskulainen
DescriptionThere are currently three major global megatrends affecting the economy of Finland and the world: climate change, digitalization and urbanization. Cities and municipalities facing pressure towards renewal in the context of a radical change in these megatrends. For personnel of the city it constitutes a demand for profound changes in the working methods, attitudes and organization of working.

City of Kuopio's Strategy 2030 sets digitalisation as a crosscutting theme that is integrated in all levels of the strategy. Digitalisation is expected to enable improved access to services at home including streamline operations, generating new service innovations and business. However, the intended benefits do not arise spontaneously, but require a comprehensive review of the city's operations and the digitalisation competence potential of its personnel, as well as measures to reach the target state. The digital transformation of services also requires the gradual adoption of a new culture of work development and leadership in order to ensure the well-being of staff, the smooth running of work and productivity.

The aim of the project is to prepare for future digitalisation developments by creating new, citizen- and user-oriented ways of delivering services through purposeful digitalisation, coaching and strategic experimentation, taking into account impact, wellbeing and productivity growth. The project also contributes to Kuopio's goals towards the maturity level of digitalization, where the municipality is able to serve as a platform for services and development and as a catalyst for innovation to meet global demand. The experience gained during the project will be disseminated to other municipalities in the region through a partnership network.

The project will renew management practices, enhance work productivity, and create meaningfulness for own work and secure well-being at work, as well as promote understanding crosscutting entities and better anticipation of the future. The management, supervisors and staff, as well as customers and local residents will be consulted with participatory methods in planning the policy reforms. As a result of the project, the digital skills and readiness of the employees of the City of Kuopio and the organization will increase significantly, thus enabling them to prepare for and to successfully reach for the future.

The project will be pursued through the following objectives:
1) Creating and supporting situation picture to determine the need for support and to focus support e.g. existing digitalisation benchmarks and digitalisation maturity models.
2) Coaching and communication, renewal and foresight of people involved in cross-service service experimentation and decision making.
3) Multi-sectoral experiments, a minimum of three to a maximum of five multi-sectoral experiments with a multidisciplinary, wide-ranging, customer-driven approach.
4) Mainstreaming the good practices and processes identified in the project to city structures, decision-making sites, strategic organization points and guidelines

PartnersKuopion kaupunki
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020