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Project Information
NameExpertise and business network for North Savo rehabilitation services
ContactMarja Äijö
DescriptionRehabilitation education and training must be developed to fill the challenging need posed in the North Savo area: Population is aging, the number of people in working-age is decreasing while the need for healthcare as well as socioeconomic differences are increasing. Employees are expected to work prolonged careers while resources (expendable capital and available workforce) for healthcare are limited. North Savo is one of the national leaders in rehabilitation and also has high-quality social and healthcare services, but there is still a clear need for an organized network.

This project aims to support ability to work and well-being by rehabilitation education and training. The project provides solutions to the customer interface, for organizations providing education services and for social and healthcare providers. The project gathers prominent local rehabilitation substance experts, training and education method and tool experts and networking experts in order to develop tools and an operating model for rehabilitation education and training, but also a business and expertize network.

High-level rehabilitation education and training in the North Savo region creates competeng social and healthcare professionals, increases the competitiveness of social and healthcare services, creates visibility to the region and creates an impressive network for sharing rehabilitation knowledge. The project creates transparency among rehabilitation services and their providers and eases customer guidance to rehabilitation services.
PartnersVetrea Terveys Oy (päätoteuttaja)
Savon ammattiopisto
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020