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Project Information
NameMission Positive Handprint
ContactHannaleena Uhlbäck-Ropponen
DescriptionThe Covid-19 pandemic has caused huge challenges for nearly all business sectors around the world. The renewal
and adjustment of their operations’ models have been a prerequisite for companies to continue to serve their clients
responsibly within the limits set by prevailing pandemic restrictions. The resilience of the companies has been put to
test; their ability to foresee and react to changes constructively, quickly and creatively.

The pandemic has had severe consequences for the restaurant sector. To recover, it is important to find ways to
renew one’s business and be ready for growth once the pandemic is over. The ability to foresee future trends, evaluate the requirements for competitiveness and predict customers’ future preferences are key to proactive renewal.

One megatrend that has not yet been adequately addressed in the restaurant sector is the demand for sustainability.
The project Mission Positive Handprint provides solutions to the need to support companies in the restaurant sector in improving their resilience and in enhancing their ecological practices. Sustainability is seen both as a long-term goal as well as a short-term opportunity to attract new customers through marketing and directing communications to responsible consumers. This way, steps towards sustainability may be transformed into profit quickly, providing new income just when it is needed to recover from the pandemic.

Enhancing resilience is the main goal of the project and a cross cutting theme in the project plan. In addition, the goal of the project is to support green transition and the renewal of the restaurant sector through co-creation, peer learning, by utilizing digital tools and by developing marketing. The project builds capacity to understand sustainability both as an ecological goal as well as an economic opportunity. As a concrete result of the project, new food service concepts will be co-created and piloted.
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020