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Project Information
ContactJenni Toivanen
DescriptionImproving productivity and quality is the key factor to success of domestic welding companies in international competition and globalisation pressure. One of an important aspect to improve effectiveness of business is networking. HitWerk project is consists of efforts to enhance productivity and quality, production development activities and cooperation of supply chain network actors. The project is coordinated by Savonia University of Applied Sciences with assistance of cooperation partner Lappeenranta University of Technology. Project partners are welding manufacturing companies with their supplier network that together compose supply chain network.

The first objective of the project is to develop productivity and quality of welding companies from the present state. The second objective is to develop performance of supply chain network. As the result of the project the present state of supply chain network is explained and the proposal of development activities are formed. The result is a start for deeper observation of profitable networking and network behavior in wider operating area in network.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020