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Project Information
NameMAST–project - Promotion of Agriculture and Agribusiness
ContactHilkka Kämäräinen
DescriptionMain goal of the project is to develop dairy sector and agriculture in North Savo region.This is not directly a farm development project, but co-operation project between key organizations; advisory (ProAgria North-Savo), research (LUKE, Natural Resources Institute Finland), education (Savonia University of Applied Sciences) and farms (Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners North-Savo). Goals of the project are gain knowledge of key organizations, their projects and plans, improve co-operation and start joint development processes, use each others strengths and resources, intensify project management and projects co-operation, gather knowledge and gather networks in Finland and international level and come up solutions of farms needs and challenges. There are seven different actions: Project team, expert pool, international knowledge searching, domestic knowledge searching, knowledge transfer, survey to dairy farms at Eastern Finland and project management and project efficiency. Project duration is 1.7.2015-31.12.2017
PartnersHankkeen hallinnoi ja koordinoi ProAgria Pohjois-Savo. Toteutus tapahtuu tiiviissä yhteistyössä Luonnonvarakeskuksen, Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulun ja MTK Pohjois-Savon kanssa
Funded byEMR flat rate 2014-2020