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NameDC area lightning
ContactPasi Lepistö
DescriptionThere is a global goal of reducing the energy consumption using a variety of technical and operational solutions. As
urbanization progresses, especially the urban energy solutions play an important role in total energy consumption and urban lighting is an important part of the energy consumption. LED lamps consume less electricity compared to the currently available general lighting devices. In addition, special LaaS (Lighting as a Service) type of services have
been studied and taken into use in Europe using LED lighting systems.

There is an effort to use renewable energy sources in electricity production and in particular solar cells are well suited for use in an urban environment. Solar cells produce direct current electricity (DC power), which is most commonly converted to alternating current electricity when it is used. However, DC power distribution has a number of advantages compared to the alternating current electricity transmission, such as reduced transmission losses. The purpose of DC area lighting project is to study generation, storage and transfer of DC power technology, as well as the suitability of the technology to LED lighting of a limited urban area (park, light traffic lane or a building exterior lighting). The use of IoT technology for monitoring the DC grid and the lighting system is also studied and tested in the project parts where it is applicable. The main themes of the project are to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy.
PartnersHankkeen päätoteuttaja on Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu.
Pasi Lepistö
p. 044 785 5521

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Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020