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Project Information
NameActivating companies to international markets as part of Team Finland services
ContactMinna Tarvainen
DescriptionProject aims to activate companies to Team Finland services. Operations focus on building groups who could start to
develop new services and products in cooperation with each other for international markets. Once companies and
groups are recognized they are lead to Team Finland services. In order to achieve in activating companies in broad
area, we need to strengthen and re-organize the cooperation between the business service organizations in the area.
Project generates three groups composed by companies and/or organizations that has a chance to start developing
new product or service for international markets. Project also delivers a justified and tested model of identifying
companies ready for international markets. Two events will be organized to help the realization of these two aims
PartnersHanke toteutetaan Savonia ammattikorkeakoulun ja Kuopion alueen kauppakamarin yhteistyönä.
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020