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Project Information
NameAdditive Manufacturing In North Savo
ContactAntti Alonen
DescriptionThe goal of this project is to introduce additive manufacturing research and learning environment for Northern Savo that transfers AM knowledge and know-how to businesses. Strengthening the technical know-how of additive manufacturing will help to create new green, low-carbon and creative business activities. This will also improve the prerequisities for the inevitable change of the industrial value chains - which is necessary for the creation of new jobs. The project will implement and initialize the AM -environment planned in the previous ALVO -project.

The project consists of four work packages:
Work package 1: Implementing the additive manufacturing research and learning environment.
Work package 2: Implementing additive manufacturing research projects, integrating teaching to research projects. Testing and developing business models for the additive manufacturing research and learning environment.
Work package 3: Planning and implementing pedagogic methods (additive manufacturing, teaching and extramural education) and integration teaching with multidisciplinary research projects.
Work package 4: Additive manufacturing of large metal structures (1-5 m), feasibility study. Investigating the possibilities of using Savonia's current equipment for directed energy deposition additive manufacturing processes.

Project will result in an additive manufacturing research and learning environment that connects Savonia's experts in engineering, business, design and healthcare. Additive manufacturing research and learning environment will provide local companies up-to-date information on 3D-printing and offer AM-related services, such as training, research and possibilities to test out new service and business ideas.
PartnersHankkeen kohderyhmät ovat Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu, sen alueelliset yhteistyökumppanit oppilaitoksissa sekä
alueen yritykset ja julkiset organisaatiot. Yrityksistä painopiste on erityisesti pk-yrityksissä ja start-upeissa.
Terveydenhuollon osalta kohderyhmänä ovat sekä julkisen että yksityisen puolen toimijat.

Hankkeen yrityskumppanit: Betonimestarit Oy, Hydroline Oy, Lehtoniemen Metalli Oy, Hammaslaboratorio Mallihammas Oy, Medikro Oy, Newicon Oy, Normet Oy, Paineteho Oy, Timaco Oy
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020