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NameDevelopment of ICP-MS and IC systems for advanced elemental and ion analyses
ContactEero Antikainen
DescriptionThe elemental analytics of environmental samples, materials and effluents from industrial processes play a key role in the assessment of pollutants and their impact on the environment, as well as in the assessment of the quality of
industrial products, processes and byproducts. Within the North Savo region, there are many companies that need to determine the chemical properties of variety of materials such as those involved in the food industry, water purification and metal and wood processing. In the environment heavy metals can be a problem, but also a wasted material resource; their extraction could open up new business opportunities in the recycling economy.

One of the most versatile and precise analysis method for this purpose is provided by inductively coupled plasma
mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), which can detect and quantify a wide range of metals at very low concentrations. The
system is supplemented by ion chromatography (IC), which can measure the levels of water-soluble ions in samples.
Several groups at the University of Eastern Finland conduct research with connections to business and industry that
will significantly benefit from the acquisition of these analytical instruments. A high level of environmental and materials research would require advanced chemical analysis methods that ICP-MS and IC devices can provide.

The aim of this developmental project is to take ICP-MS and ion chromatography devices in use and to develop costeffective preparation methods for samples from different sources and analysis methods for elements and inorganic ions. The strategic objectives of the project are to (1) develop environmental and materials analytics for research and teaching, and (2) to strengthen the role of the University of Eastern Finland as a high-quality analytics implementer in environmental and materials research.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020