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Project Information
NameHealth Game Lab -Supporting innovative solutions for the health and wellness sector
ContactTiina Arpola
DescriptionThe Games for Health Finland network established by Kuopio Innovation Ltd has created an operating environment for health games in Finland that provides a platform for innovation by companies and the creation and growth of innovative businesses. Through the network, support can be provided for SMEs in developing products and services as well as for introducing and developing new commercial technologies in order to meet public health challenges. The network is being expanded with active, growth-hungry companies so that their innovative ideas can be developed in order to foster and enhance new business activity. The Games for Health Finland network promotes skills and knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The Health Game Lab Operating Model being created in the project will provide an ongoing multidisciplinary experimental culture and innovation in collaboration with businesses, educational and research institutions, students and other professionals. The project will enable the Games for Health sector to network by making use of current testing environments for existing health games, technologies and their prototypes.

The Health Game Lab will become part of international value networks, coordinate and stimulate Games for Health activities, enhance collaboration in the Games for Health sector and create new business models. Within the context of the project, there will be events and sessions for rapid testing of services, applications and technologies. The operating environment will enable targeted product development, research and training for the promotion of health, functional capacity and rehabilitation and for the treatment of diseases. Based on rapid experimentation, the Health Game Jam events organised by the project generate new product ideas and opportunities for health technology.

As a result of the project, Kuopio will have an active and multidisciplinary Health Game Lab operating environment that will accelerate the R&D activity of companies. The operating environment will promote the development of new and enabling technologies as well as innovation by companies and the commercialisation of innovative solutions through systematic activity. In addition, the project will lead to the development of operating models as a means to further the creation of reference markets for companies' new products and solutions.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020