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Project Information
NameDeveloping water protection expertise cooperation and infrastructure in North Savo
ContactPatryk Wojtowicz
DescriptionThe quality of the surface waters at the North and Upper Savo region is partly poor and requires improvements. This
project promotes the development of measures and infrastructure needed for water protection in the province. This is
achieved by intensifying the cooperation of water protection experts and renewing the research related infrastructure in
the province. Furthermore the project will improve the development of water conservation methods and boost the
impacts of of local expertise by increasing it’s the visibility nationwide. The concrete aim of the project is to produce a
development plan for the water protection activities in the area. The project will be implemented in cooperation with
Luke, Savonia AMK and Savo-Karelia Water Conservation Association. Expertise services are used to identify and
prioritize development measures and to design technical infrastructure development activities to achieve the best
result. The project strongly supports the ecological and economic sustainability of the province, as the continuity of
viable farming in the area requires minimal environmental damage and water protection measures appropriate to the
Funded byEAKR lump sum 2014-2020