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Project Information
NameInclusive pedagogy in Arts - Europe
ContactHanna Turunen
DescriptionA key objective of this project is to strengthen the development of inclusion in pedagogy of Arts. This project will concentrated especially in music and dance pedagogy, but also other forms of arts are included for example drama, design and visual arts. Teacher education, experience of diversity and the availability of necessary support are the main factors behind positive attitudes of inclusion.

The main priority in this project is the inclusion in arts and inclusive teachership. The project aims to promote equality and to support the students with special needs in music school and arts. Through this project, teachers can develop professional expertise and organizations can strengthen the support measures for inclusion. According to previous research in-service training is good way to increase inclusive thinking. The project brings the inclusion to a new level in music school.

Trough the project we will explore each others’s curricula, learning content, good practices and research in a field of inclusion. The concept of inclusion in arts will be viewed through theoretical, philosophical and ethical definitions.

At this project we would also plan together the second step of the project. What should be the content of the second project? Is the second step for example a joint research and a joint in-service training? How the financing is planned in the second phase?
Partners1.Das Institut fuer Musikpädagogik der Universität fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
2. Kuopio Conservatoire
3. Savonia University of Applied Sciences Music and Dance
4. Abteilung der Musikpädagogik an der Universität Vechta
5. Musikschule des Landeskreises Vechta e.V.
6. Siauliai University, Faculty of Education Sciencis and Social Welfair
7. Music School Siauliu 1 – oji muzikos mokykla
Funded byErasmus + 2017-2020