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Project Information
NameDevelopment of knowledge and exploitation of robotics in welfare and health services
ContactTiina Arpola
DescriptionThe project will increase the knowledge of how to use robotics and available technology in welfare and health services in Northern Savo Region. In addition, information about how reliable, usable and necessary existing AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, such as robotics, and how these technologies can be utilized more in the region.

Three pilot projects in different operating environments and training packages support the achievements of
project goals. The project builds an easily approachable way of developing and providing new services so that the various parties understand the benefits and the service they offer can be further developed.

Through the testing of existing solutions and technologies, both the experience of the staff and the customer, as well as the desirable characteristics and uses, are mapped. The development of new service robotics solutions provides training and workshops that utilize the innovation management and service design methods, as well as harnessing multidisciplinary know-how. New solutions are developed during fast prototyping, gathering feedback from testing environments and testers, and the staff is trained to use existing technology.

As a result of the project, new products and services have been created around existing technologies and the functionality of these technologies has been tested in authentic environments. During the project operational models are created to enable usage of available technology efficiently and to strengthen the business and competitiveness of companies operating in the area. Also new networks and practices have been created for the participating organizations.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020