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Project Information
NameBioeconomy Specialising studies
ContactHarri Auvinen
DescriptionThe IS-Bioerko project is aiming at improving bioeconomy competence of Eastern-Finland. For this purpose a 30 cu´s
postgraduate study programme “Bioeconomy Specilising studies” will be organized jointly by University of Eastern
Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. For this study programme
– and beyond for all university education – a novel learning model that is basing on close co-operation with businesses
and universities will be developed and piloted. Practical measures of the project are:
(1) tailoring National curricula of specializing studies for particular needs of Eastern Finland, and
(2) piloting this with the first group of 60 students in Specializing studies years 2018-2020. From 60 students 30
complete the Bioeconomy specializing studies (30 ECTS) and the other 30 students complete 10 ECTS part of the
whole study programme.
(3) designing an Eastern Finnish learning model applying best available experiences from universities worldwide,
which will be consistently scanned in the project.
(4) recruiting best bioeconomy experts of Universities for the development of local businesses through development
projects in the specializing studies.
(5) improving university teachers skills, and learning environments and tools for novel learning model of the project.
(6) conducting a survey on the potentials of Bioeconomy specializing studies as an international education product.
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020