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Project Information
NameOptimizing patient safety through culturally competent simulation based education with health professionals
ContactMarja Silen-Lipponen
DescriptionThis project aims to address global concerns around social inclusion and justice; tackling inequality and diversity around gender, ethnicity, disability and age, through health care professional education. Transnational, political landscapes frequently expose examples of marginalization and negative rhetoric towards diverse people, and this reinforces the need to be able to respond appropriately and effectively to people with diverse needs (for example transgendered people or those who are partially sighted).
Health care professionals are ideally situated to make a difference in this context, partly through effective communication.

Educating health care professionals about diversity through simulation-based education creates a unique opportunity to promote social inclusion and cohesion; both of which are increasingly important features in global contemporary and dynamic health care systems. Ideally all health care professional education and training would take cultural diversity into account in order to improve cultural competence among students. Arguably, a culturally aware health professional is better prepared to deliver culturally sensitive and culturally competent care to patients. The driver for this project is inclusive practice through cultural competence and this applies not only to patients and their carers who are consumers of health care, but also to diverse health care professional students and diverse faculty teachers, for example, those with spiritual or religious beliefs or people who have additional needs such as hearing impairment.
PartnersHanketta hallinnoi Bradfordin yliopisto (Englanti), partnerit ovat: Savonia-amk, Suomi; Mariborin yliopisto, Slovenia ja Corkin yliopisto, Irlanti
Funded byErasmus + 2017-2020