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Project Information
NameDrone on the fly!
ContactMarja Turunen
DescriptionIn this project, knowledge related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) will be expanded in Pohjois-Savo region,
Eastern Finland. UAV devices (or "Drones") have achieved global success and it has turned out that UAV technology
offers new innovation and business potential for many fields of operation. Actions of this project will be focused
especially on forest management and nature resource field, because these fields are under structural change in
Finland. UAV has been used as an auxiliary device during the maintenance of power distribution networks of Pohjois-Savo region and national rescue school of Finland is located in Kuopio. Therefore, also these UAV application areas must be taken into account during the project. Helicopters can be replaced by using UAV devices and UAV can transfer material between two locations (e.g. post, medical samples). Thus this project promotes low-carbon goals of the European Union.

During the project, Savonia University of Applied Sciences will process pilot projects which are offered by the contact organizations of the Savonia. In addition to forest management and nature resource field, target group of the project includes e.g. power distribution, rescue services and environmental monitoring. Savonia will arrange a seminar for target groups. The seminar will cover juridic and technical aspects and business potential of the UAV devices. Data system knowledge related to forest management will be acquired as an outsourcing service. In addition to camera image, UAV can be equipped with modern sensor technology. Outsourcing services will be exploited also during the high tech sensor technology demonstration of the Project.
Funded byESR lump sum 2014-2020