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Project Information
NameJALAKA - Exercising and grazing in cattle farms
ContactEeva-Kaisa Pulkka
DescriptionJALAKA -projects objective is to promote and develop exercise and grazing of cattle in Northern Savo. Goal is to bring province new information about cattle exercise and grazing and develop co-operation between actors on the ground.

Exercise and grazing have traditionally been part of summer feeding in cattle farms. In modern livestock farming organisation of the cattle moving has become more challenging because cattle size has grown rapidly. Grazing of more than 50 animals brings challenges to workers, manure handling and sufficiency of field. But there is a lot of possibilities to provide cattles sufficient exercise and to survey them is Jalaka for.

Savonia university of applied sciences and ProAgria Pohjois-Savo are finding out possibilities to increase cattle exercise and grazing in years 2019 – 2021. The target of the results is to provide milk production in Northern Savo from animal welfare and care point of view.
Funded byEMR flat rate 2014-2020